I am a 22 year old filmmaker based in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. I’m currently a student at The Ohio State University, following my lifelong dream of being a Buckeye. 
          My love for video production began very early on, making vacation videos with my family, as well as fun videos with my friends and my first GoPro. In July 2017, my mothers co-worker  saw my vacation video and loved it. With two weeks notice, she offered me a job to record her wedding. I spent those two weeks teaching myself how to film a wedding, what kind of gear I needed, what kind of shots I needed to get, and how to make their dream day a memory forever. The video that came out that day launched my career as a videographer into what it is today. Each wedding I produce teaches me new things about filmmaking, about interacting with people, and gives me new ideas on how to make the next film even more special.
          My style of editing is very somber and romantic, and I do my best to capture your big day as it happens. I do minimal set up shots, in order to keep the video organic, as you should remember your day. For other productions, my style morphs to the needs of your project. I have a large arsenal of skills and the knowledge needed to make your production visions come to fruition. 

The types of productions I offer are as follows:
     -Promotional videos
     -Real Estate
     -Party/Club Events

Please reach out to me for any video needs you may have. My creativity is endless, and no vision is impossible for me to bring to life. 
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